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I Dare to Heal with Laughter!

I dare to heal with laughter

New Book
I Dare to Heal with Laughter,
Author Joel Vorensky


“I Dare to Heal with Laughter,”  the third book in the I Dare to Heal series, is based upon his in-depth counseling experience over four decades. “I Dare to Heal with Compassionate Love,” and “I Dare to Heal with Spiritual Power,” are his first two books, available at this website and through book sellers.

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Empower yourself to Transform Stress and Distress to Laughter, Permit and Allow Yourself to Emotionally Let Go Absolutely, Embrace and Nourish a Loving Connection to Your Emotional Body, Awaken your Funny Bone and your Spirit of Laughter, Improve the Function of your Mind, Body and Spirit, Foster a Positive, Confident, Serene, and Hopeful Attitude, Create Greater Love, Joy, and Compassion Within, Connect once again with your Youthful Zest and Enthusiasm, Experience A Wacky, Fun, Zany, and Playful Process, and Naturally Trigger Endorphins, Dopamine, Opiates, and Serotonin.

LCCN 2013939508  -   ISBN 978-0-9704510-8-8 - Pages 226

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Praise for “I Dare to Heal with Laughter”

Praise for “I Dare to Heal with Laughter

"Joel Vorensky has written a powerful and fun manual on the power and skill of releasing stress, letting go of negative patterns and connecting to one’s source through laughter. He demonstrates that it is never too late to release “darkness” and experience the “light”. He embodies a sense of hopefulness for the human condition and living lightly on the Earth."

—Burton Bialik Ph.D.
Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor and Success Coach

This book, I Dare to Heal with Laughter, gives the reader an insight to an alternative healing method to process and resolve anger, fear, and sadness by Animated Laughter.  The author brings his 45 years of expertise as evidence in the efficacy of the practice.  I recommend this book.

—Victoria Marsick, Ph.D.
Professor of Adult & Organizational Learning

Teachers College, Columbia University


I Dare to Heal with Spiritual Power!

I dare to heal wth spiritua power

New Book Proves to be the Best Companion on the Road to Spiritual Growth

Eliminate the fear factor. Instill faith for life.

Published author Joel Vorensky returns with an eye-opening new book of revolutionary self-healing methods. I Dare to Heal with Spiritual Power is the follow-up book of the compelling I Dare to Heal with Compassionate Love.

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Dr. Victoria Marsick, a professor of Adult & Organizational Learning at Teachers College, Columbia University, says, "[I Dare to Heal with Spiritual Power] can help you face and work through fears and feelings that hold you back from break-through growth. [Vorensky's] message is conveyed through personal stories, reflections, and life lessons learned. Seeing through the eyes of a fellow human being makes it easier to take a next step in one's own quest. Advice, tools, and strategies are embedded in engaging vignettes of conversation, travel, friendships, experiences with spiritual or "body" work in many traditions, favorite poems, and songs, and accounts of people as they live through catastrophic events such as 9/11 and California fires."

Awaken joyfully to your mindfulness, emotions, and spiritual essence through I Dare to Heal with Spiritual Power! Experience a wonderfully new dawn in your life, a new life of liberation and peace for a better, happier, and more fulfilled self.

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By Joel Vorensky

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"Joel Vorensky's book, I dare to Heal with Spiritual Power, gives the reader many skillful and interesting ways to go beyond judgment of our circumstances and see with new eyes the power of redemption. It helps us to connect with our Divine inheritance to lessen fear and suffering, and be successful in healing our souls and the World."

Burton Bialik, Ph.D.

"I Dare to Heal with Spiritual Power" is a profound study of how spiritual
tools can make a major impact on not only people who are in pain but also to prevent that suffering as well. Joel Vorensky, taking from his own personal experiences, teaches us how to reach into our own souls and extract those unique powers that can help us to become well. More and more healing practitioners are realizing the power of the spirit in the process of wellness. Prayer is an excellent example that has been proven effective even in scientific studies. Joel Vorensky's new book is a welcome new addition to this field.

Rabbi Moishe Leider
Chabad Center of University City
San Diego, California



I dare to heal with compassionate love

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"I Dare to Heal" is a book about succeeding at integrating the self and finding true spirituality. Joel Vorensky takes the reader through a thirty-year journey exploring a variety of healing modalities that he and others have experienced with success!

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joel vorensky

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Call Joel Vorensky at 619-584-8093 to inquire about his professional services has chosen "I Dare to Heal with Spiritual Power" as a Best Book for 2005 in their New Age non-fiction genre.

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Self-help psychology: improve your spirituality, health, relationships & love with, I Dare To Heal With Compassionate Love. The book integrates the dynamics of Eastern/Western healing methods.